Nev and keith

On the right Keith


Krazy KeithEdit

Keith, known as "Crazy Keith", is an illegal immigrant Koala who lives in a secret lair under the floor boards. He has an Australian accent and says "wackadoo" a lot. He helps Nev get out of problematic situations in most episodes and the two keep each other entertained when Barney is out. Mr Prank doesn't know of his existence, although Keith has interacted with Prank on multiple occassions whilst in disguise as something else e.g detective or "professional monster hunter". Aunt Barbera & Bouncer Boy don't know about Keith either, but Barney does. From series 2 onwards, Keith has a girlfriend, Doris, who is a pink rabbit and maybe just a stuffed toy. In terms of his personality, Keith isn't exactly "crazy", but is certainly a bit wild and random.

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